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I died and came back alive after two cardiac arrests. I'm so grateful for another chance at life. Every day is so valuable to me now and every little thing makes me happy even running errands or commuting to work or grocery shopping (on my good days). Right now, I can't even walk from my living room to the kitchen without being completely out of breath. It sucks. I can't walk up the stairs without stopping after each breath. I am still undergoing testings to find out what's wrong with me and am at the hospital basically every week but I know this all will end someday because I just have faith. Until then, I am doing what I can in my control by eating healthy, exercising and trying to stay positive and recording my journey through this blog! I can't wait to live my life again and enjoy every little thing but I can't do that if my body's not healthy! Read my about me for more deets :)

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This is good. I’ll have to alter it a bit for my asthma but good good plan!

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